Stay safe

Online dating is a tonne of fun – so long as you remember to stay safe!

Unfortunately online scamming is a real and serious issue that lurks in all corners of the internet.

Even though we have the very best security system to block scammers and do our best to alert you to any threats, it’s up to you to take some extra steps to look after yourself.

Here are some simple tips to help keep you safe online:

1. Stay on Oasis and stay anonymous

We always recommend only communicating through Oasis until you are 100% confident the member you are speaking to is genuine. Hold off from giving out your email address, Facebook details or phone number until this point as this information unlocks a great deal more information about you.

2. Never send money

Remember, it is extremely difficult to verify the authenticity of a person online and scammers are very savvy manipulators. If a member asks you for money or gifts this should trigger alarm bells and you should report the member through the Oasis member report icon. We advise you to never send money or gifts.

3. Love is blind

Members are not always honest with their photos or personal information, and while we have the best security measures to prevent fake accounts from going live, it can happen.

We recommend that when speaking with a new member, take a step back and get perspective and if you do organise to meet face to face, don’t give out your number and meet in a public place.

4. Webcam scam

Keep an eye out for webcam scams. Oasis does not offer a webcam service so if another member suggests visiting an external webcam site that charges money, do not go ahead with the call as it is very likely this is a scam.

5. Stay on alert

Stay on alert for any suspicious behaviour – SMS scams, sales and investment opportunities or simply anything behaviour that feels off.

Remember if you are suspicious of a member, you can report them using the report member icon at the top of their profile.

If you are looking for more information about online scams, you can visit government site, SCAMWatch at

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