Dating, reality TV style

It is just us, or have you noticed the huge number of dating shows on Australian TV?

This week, Foxtel’s Arena channel launched a new American docu-series, Online Dating Rituals of the Modern Male. The program looks at the booming online dating culture by following two men each week as they look for their ideal partner.

Meanwhile over on the ABC, we’re in week four of an Australian dating reality-TV inspired series, The Daters, following six single men and women who have all made a pact to find a partner within three months. They will experiment with dating in every way possible – from online dating, to speed dating and dating boot camps.

Over to the commercial stations and just as we see Channel 7’s When Love Comes to Town wrap up, it’s time to get ready for the second season of Ten’s The Bachelor.

Dating shows also cross cultural boundaries – If You Are the One (screened in Australia on SBS 2) is watched by around 50 million people who watch 24 women decide if the male contestant is worthy of taking her out.

While each has its own gimmick, (and often show entirely unrelatable dating situations) their popularity shows us the endless fascination we have in the quest for love.

What’s your favourite dating show and why do you love it?

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