Amore a la Animal

The Daily Telegraph recently reported on Tasmanian Devils ‘online dating’ at Taronga Zoo. Keepers at the zoo have been virtually mating the endangered species with other devils across the globe to see if their offspring is genetically favourable ahead of mating for real.

It got us thinking about the animal kingdom – whilst we don’t anticipate we’ll be seeing any Tasmanian Devils on Oasis anytime soon, there are some interesting lessons we can learn.

Here’s our top five lessons in dating from the animal kingdom:

  1. Perfume power

Male Orchid Bees are known to travel far and wide collecting scents from various locations to win the affections of the female Orchid Bees.

In a similar process used by parfumiers, the bees trap scent molecules by coating them in a fatty substance. Once several scents have been collected, the male bee travels back and performs a display during which he fans his aroma to females passing by.

The lesson: Get spritzing with your favourite scent. Whether you’re a guy or gal, smelling good is a must before you head out the door. If you’re not game for going in strong with your fave fragrance, having a shower and applying some deodorant is an absolute must!

  1. Dress to impress

Ahh…one of the animal kingdoms most beautiful displays, a male peacock in full bloom (or should it be plume), strutting his stuff for the benefit of the ladies. Peacocks have oversized tails covered in a multitude of multi-coloured feathers which are there purely to attract the attention of their female counterparts.

These birds look the part with the feathers and colours a sign of health and tail waving and strutting a sign of strength.

The lesson: Get your best threads out and walk into your first date confident and proud. Think like a peacock, act like a peacock, become a peacock and bag yourself a mate!

  1. Dating dance

In the American Tropics, the Manakin Bird slips on its Cuban heels in a bid to entice a partner. When wooing the ladies, Manakin Birds find themselves a stage, usually a branch, and give their best display of what looks astonishingly like the Moonwalk.

The lesson: Throughout the entire animal kingdom, elaborate displays are bopped, boogied, skipped and swayed in a bid to secure a partner. Why the hell should it be any different for humans! Take advice from the Manakin Bird and understand your jiving skills may or may not be the clincher when you meet your online match. To be safe, make sure you’re wearing your best dancing shoes in case you need to give an impromptu performance to seal the deal!

  1. House rules

Those love-smart birds are at it again. The native Australian Bowerbird has a passion for decorating and works to create the most lavish, spectacular and sparkly nest known to man.

Flowers, leaves, acorns as well as man-made items such as lost trinkets, coins, aluminium cans, plastic, and other rubbish are sourced and just so. The female birds scour the bowers of potential mates and then decide which one they like based on the best decorated digs.

The lesson: It would be silly to suggest building a new house will bag you a guy or gal however, neat and tidy is the best way to present your living quarters to your prospective partner. Make sure the bathroom is clean, the dishes are done and your laundry is away before inviting your significant other over for coffee. And only after you’ve met them in person beforehand, of course!

  1. Sweet serenade

With a voice as low as Barry White’s, Koalas are known to sing their way to domestic bliss.

Male Koalas rumble, snort, grunt and groan for as long as possible in the lowest and loudest tone as a way of scaring off the competition and to attract female mates. It’s believed that the lower the grumble, the bigger the Koala, so females seek out these dulcet tones, often travelling outside of their home territory to mate.

The lesson: The male Koala sings sweet music to attract his mate. While we don’t suggest anyone squawking, groaning or squeaking their way to a date, music is a huge part of the getting-to-know-you process and similar music tastes and ideals can mean similar values. Instead of making your own music and singing to your new date why not make a mixtape of your favourite tunes and see if you’re a match made in heaven.

Love is blind

A new dating show has just aired in the US called “Married at First Sight”. Not that it involves very much dating.

The premise of the show is that couples are paired by four experts; a sexologist, spiritualist, psychologist and sociologist, on the basis of several criteria, before tying the knot.

Sounds simple enough except for one small detail; the couple in question has never laid eyes on one another. The couples then have eight weeks to get to know (and see) each other, before deciding whether they will stay married.

Love is blind. Image sourced from FYI

While it might seem like a crazy idea, it got us thinking about the benefits of failing in love with someone without being influenced by looks. One of the benefits of online dating is that, if you want, you can start a relationship without really knowing what your partner looks like.

What do you think?

Would you date (or marry) someone you had never seen before?

How important are looks?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Stay safe

Online dating is a tonne of fun – so long as you remember to stay safe!

Unfortunately online scamming is a real and serious issue that lurks in all corners of the internet.

Even though we have the very best security system to block scammers and do our best to alert you to any threats, it’s up to you to take some extra steps to look after yourself.

Here are some simple tips to help keep you safe online:

1. Stay on Oasis and stay anonymous

We always recommend only communicating through Oasis until you are 100% confident the member you are speaking to is genuine. Hold off from giving out your email address, Facebook details or phone number until this point as this information unlocks a great deal more information about you.

2. Never send money

Remember, it is extremely difficult to verify the authenticity of a person online and scammers are very savvy manipulators. If a member asks you for money or gifts this should trigger alarm bells and you should report the member through the Oasis member report icon. We advise you to never send money or gifts.

3. Love is blind

Members are not always honest with their photos or personal information, and while we have the best security measures to prevent fake accounts from going live, it can happen.

We recommend that when speaking with a new member, take a step back and get perspective and if you do organise to meet face to face, don’t give out your number and meet in a public place.

4. Webcam scam

Keep an eye out for webcam scams. Oasis does not offer a webcam service so if another member suggests visiting an external webcam site that charges money, do not go ahead with the call as it is very likely this is a scam.

5. Stay on alert

Stay on alert for any suspicious behaviour – SMS scams, sales and investment opportunities or simply anything behaviour that feels off.

Remember if you are suspicious of a member, you can report them using the report member icon at the top of their profile.

If you are looking for more information about online scams, you can visit government site, SCAMWatch at

Dating, reality TV style

It is just us, or have you noticed the huge number of dating shows on Australian TV?

This week, Foxtel’s Arena channel launched a new American docu-series, Online Dating Rituals of the Modern Male. The program looks at the booming online dating culture by following two men each week as they look for their ideal partner.

Meanwhile over on the ABC, we’re in week four of an Australian dating reality-TV inspired series, The Daters, following six single men and women who have all made a pact to find a partner within three months. They will experiment with dating in every way possible – from online dating, to speed dating and dating boot camps.

Over to the commercial stations and just as we see Channel 7’s When Love Comes to Town wrap up, it’s time to get ready for the second season of Ten’s The Bachelor.

Dating shows also cross cultural boundaries – If You Are the One (screened in Australia on SBS 2) is watched by around 50 million people who watch 24 women decide if the male contestant is worthy of taking her out.

While each has its own gimmick, (and often show entirely unrelatable dating situations) their popularity shows us the endless fascination we have in the quest for love.

What’s your favourite dating show and why do you love it?

Share your love story!


If you had a great experience on Oasis and found someone to keep you warm through the winter, we would love to hear about it!

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“I have been off and on this site since August last year, right as I was about to completely give up I got a request from my now partner. We instantly clicked. We exchanged numbers and kept in contact. A few days after we exchanged numbers we were talking on the phone for three hours, I knew there was something special about this one. I finally felt comfortable enough to meet him in person. As soon as I saw him in person I knew it was meant to be! 

I have never been so happy in my life, I never thought I would meet someone that could make me feel the way I feel about him. Never ever give up on love, because before you know it someone will just come into your life! Thank you for helping me find my prince charming!” – June 2014

Re-entering the dating world (with kids!)

Returning to the dating scene can be tricky no matter what stage of life you’re in. But finding the time and gathering the courage to meet someone new can be especially challenging for single parents.

Here are some easy tips to make your experience just that little bit easier.

Prep your profile

Writing your profile is the first step, which many people find challenging and a little overwhelming. Remember there are three key ways to get yourself noticed – your username, profile picture and the first sentence of your personal description, so try to be creative and unique. Maybe even look to see what others are doing, and draw inspiration on those profiles that are attractive to you.

Most importantly, be honest about your family situation and what you want – without over sharing.

Sometimes your best friend knows your best qualities better than you do. As a final step, you might like to sit down with a friend, maybe over a glass of wine, and ask for their feedback.

Confide in those closest to you
Making the decision to date again is an important step for you, but also for the people around you, including your kids.

Keep the communication open with your family. This will help avoid conflict later down the track and keeping your family and friends in the loop will mean you have more people to support you (and check out potential dates along the way).


Dating on the down-low
Often when you’re looking for love online, all you want is a little discretion. But this can be hard when using the family computer which is also used for year nine science assignments, computer games, and Facebook.

Using mobile dating apps such as the dating app, instead of the website is a great way to keep your dating life private. This way you can browse matches on the go, on the couch, or even at your daughter’s soccer game. Using the app on a personal device gives you the flexibility to search and start conversations when and where you get some much-needed ‘you’ time.

It might have been a little while, but online dating is an excellent way for busy mums and dads to test the waters and start afresh. You’ll be in great company with other single parents – many who might haven’t dated since separation or divorce – so have fun and good luck!